171. Primum quod non potest perficere………One cannot perfect what is not first created.


171. berlau-galileo-floating-bodiesa berlau-galileo-floating-bodiesa

171. Primum quod non potest perficere………One cannot perfect what is not first created. ……
Galileo: Cannot one claim that as Man is creative and curious and that God made Man; that , indeed , God made Man as He intended him to be as creative and curious and this is a holy and good thing in Man.

L’inquisitore: God made Man, yes, but God made Man to have free will and through that free will, many a man can seek things which are not of God; indeed which are blasphemous and unholy and of offensiveness to God. God did not make the unholy choice , He only made of Man the means to make that choice.

Galileo: Yes, I agree God made Man of a free will but God gave also to Man, five senses and, as well, a great creative mind to analyse and construct from those senses the wonders and patterns of all that God has created. If God did not want Man to be curious , why did He give Man those senses with that mind. A blind man can not only not see but he will also not wonder at what he cannot see . Before Man declares a thing good or evil before God, is he not compelled by his very nature to explore, to analyze by all creative means , to assess and to conclude and then use his free will to decide. Is not then a wondering, wandering man who continually returns to God more faithful than a blind, deaf, unthinking man who never strays from the chains of his own untested faith?


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