189. the castle of i

189. the castle ithe castle of i
189. ‘Us’ is a moat between the ‘id -sense vulnerability of ‘I’ and the dark shadowed horizons of the ‘Others’. ‘Us’  grants both ‘safety in numbers’ (specifically being in the center of that like-herd ) and an isolation from the predatorily grasp of the mob.

Wether one seeks membership in a terror group, a religious cult or a mere club of some social prestige, one seeks the same thing. A life boat for the existential drowning.
Self-meaning by the buoyancy of belonging without full dissolution.
Somewhere between being a ‘man’ , a ‘woman’, a singular…even, if you will, a soul;  and being men or the collective or the Dilution …even, if you will, a god or god-thing; ….we
have that ‘Us’…even, if you will, the Devil.


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