175. Capitalism is like a malevolent storm…a dark eye…bringing all things of men into itself; and this vacuum of scarcity towards plenty creates that maelstrom called (the violence) of economics.

176. ……spiritually leprorotic is a word i have coined… means to shed by automation ( without control or willful input or desire) any of the extraneous and visible extensions of one’s soul in the world…..this will be seen by others as a visible decay , rot, misuse, abuse and disease . Ironically , its primary cause is from contact with other men.

177. and ‘I’ will, indeed, never be less evil than the crimes ‘I’ cannot condemn because of my instinct for collectivization..for the We against the Others…..for the ‘Us’; the We, is a moat between the vulnerability and sanctity of the ‘I’ and the dark horizons outward, the spectre of the ‘Others’.


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